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hey guys! the top hat thing is not a screamer its actually completely safe c: its a video trying to be inspirational saying ur a pro and that ur amazing and then you get a sweet ass hat i promise its safe

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It had been a very long time since Hera had to worry about Arhiman, but she did occasionally wonder whatever happened to the Persian. Dressed in modern clothes, having gotten some so she would fit in at least and not look like she was crazy, dressing from the past, she was going along the beach, enjoying herself, seeing what had become of her home. She spotted someone lying on the sand and she walked over, leaned over him.

Immediately she recognized those clothes of his, and his face. Her shadow covered his face from the brightness of the sun and she glared down at him. “Well, this is a face I’d rather not run into again.” Hera scoffed and poked his face.

"Arhiman, where have you been? Took you long enough to rejoin us. Come on, get up." Hera poked at him, tugged on his arm to get him up.


Before he has time to think about where he is, above him is a shadowy silhouette of someone. Now his eyes have to adjust again to make out her features as she stands before him. “Greece?” He questions.

The ship wreck makes more sense than anything at this point. Did he go down with his ship traveling to her? Wait they weren’t currently at war. Why is Greece here?

What she says doesn’t settle into his mind, he isn’t paying attention to what she says. Now he has a splitting headache and he is face to face with his enemy.

"Vhy are you here Greece?" He questions and narrows his bushy eyebrows in a glare but he is too confused to be angry at the moment. What happened? He has no memory of being anywhere near the ocean. His last memory was being in Persepolis with Darius III.

Despite his headache he gets up, oh it feels as if his bones have been lying there in the sand for thousands of years without moving, he feels so stiff and he has to stretch and flex to wake his body up.  

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literatureandredstrings asked: "No, I simply love to learn." She chuckles. "It will help me further in life."

"This is true, education is important," he nods. Learning the forms of Ahriman’s minions and creations is helpful but still, he doesn’t like devoting this much attention to it. If it were him, he would kill it and be done with it.

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It was a sunny day, the heat is bearing down on him as he lay upon the sand motionless and seemingly lifeless as the tide threatens to wash up on him at any moment but this he has no clue about because he is just coming too and all he can think about right now is the splitting pain in his head and the numbing throughout the rest of his body as if he had been sleeping for thousands of years here, little does he know that it is almost the truth for he is thousands of years in the future. Arhiman hears seagulls in the distance and the sound of water crashing into rocks in the distance but where he is the water travels up onto the sandy shores. This isn’t his land now but it was when he ruled the land. When he ruled it, it was known simply as Thrace, his king Darius I had conquered it, taking the Persian empire to the very door steps of the remaining Greek city states, having already taken Ionia and the Greeks that rested on the eastern shores. Now he lays far away from the ruins of his Persepolis or even Susa. 

What happened to him? Was he in a ship wreck? Did something honestly knock him unconscious? He doesn’t feel wet even though he feels like he has washed up on shore. The smell of the sea is tickling his nose and the gentle sea breeze brushes his dark hair back as he continues to lie in the sand, waiting on his body to wake with his mind. 

Slowly he opens his eyes and already he squints from the bright rays of the sun. Where is he? He starts to look around as his eyes adjust to the light. Lucky for him he is in a secluded spot so he isn’t startled immediately with modern buildings and things of that nature. It seems time travel has been good to him, setting him down gently next to the ocean where he can come to consciousness on his own.


The Zoroastrian Atash Behram of Yazd, Iran.

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